Sikinos offers fantastic crystal clear blue waters, relaxing atmosphere, quiet beaches and a wild natural landscape. You can reach the 3 main beaches by car. They all have umbrellas free of charge, provided by the Municipality of Sikinos.

Alopronia Beach

Location: 3km from Chora

Description: Alopronia is a long and sandy beach with benches and umbrellas. Ideal destination for families and children. Accessible by bus or car and a large parking area. A caffé/bar, a tavern and a mini market line the beach for everything you need.

Alopronia Beach | Photo Gallery

Maltas Beach

Location: 3.7km from Chora by car and then more 2.5km on foot

Description: Maltas is a bay with pebbles and crystal water. The rocky landscape sets your mind free. The beach is accessible by boat, when the weather conditions permit it, otherwise by car following a dirt road and the trekking lovers can then follow the path that leads you to the beach. Keep an eye on the descent and the ascent to the beach. It is not recommended for families or visitors with mobility problems.

*Contact our office about the frequency of boat itineraries and the availability of seats.

Maltas Beach | Photo Gallery

Aghios Georgios Beach

Location: 6km from Chora

Description: Aghios Georgios is the most popular beach on the island. Sandy shore, crystal water, tamarisk trees and small pebbles creates a nice place to relax. On the right and left side of the beach there are rocks ideal to enjoy some privacy or to dive. The beach is accessible by bus and car. A parking area and fish tavern line the beach provides you with everything you need for a day at sea.

Aghios Georgios Beach | Photo Gallery

Dialiskari Beach

Location: 2.3km and 200m of dirt road from Alopronia, 2.850km and 200m dirt road from Chora

Description: Description: Dialiskari beach is accessible by car following a dirt road. For the adventurous visitors can be also reached on foot. Is a small wonderful bay with a sandy beach and very nice natural rocky landscape.

Dialiskari Beach | Photo Gallery

Santorineika Beach

Location: Accessible only by boat from Alopronia port

Description: An amazing unexplored rocky bay. Ideal for boat trip.

Santorineika Beach | Photo Gallery