Episkopi Hiking

Distance: 4,5 km about 4 hours
Level: Easy
Supplies: A pair of hiking shoes, a bottle of water and a hat

This walk has great cultural interest and spectacular views. We start from the parking lot of the archaeological site of Episkopi, where we will take you by car. In the area of Episkopi, stands the famous “Heroikon” tomb, (200 A.C.), of the ancient Greek heroine “Neiko. Nearby, is the Saint Hannah`s Byzantine temple and at the distance of 100 meters, is the Byzantine temple of Saint George. The trail continues uphill, through one of the two pre-historic settlements, (Early Cycladic period), that existed on the island, towards the small church of Hagia Marina and to probably one of the best viewpoints Sikinos has to offer. Afterwards, we continue downhill, towards the Winery`s old path. There, you will appreciate the majestic sundown, complimented with the local organic wine.